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This Mandalorian was a soldier on an unidentified planet in Mandalorian space.


The soldier had claimed HK-47, who had completed an assassination mission for Revan but was damaged and unable to return to his master, as his 'booty'. The Mandalorian repaired HK-47 (rather poorly, the droid mentioned) to the extent he was capable of and began using his assassination protocol to raise his rank.

Eventually the soldier's desire for power soon got the better of him. He then ordered HK to assassinate an unidentified Mandalore who ruled between Mandalore the Ultimate and Mandalore the Preserver. He failed and was captured by the Mandalore, who reprogrammed him and sent him after his former master, who was successfully obliterated. Since HK-47 was programmed to shut down whenever his current master died, he deactivated himself after killing the Mandalorian, and was sold to Bochaba the Hutt, a crime lord on the planet Sleheyron.


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  1. The Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide established that the events of Darth Revan's capture and final year of the Jedi Civil War occurred on these dates.
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