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"Honor, right. How's that working out now?"
―Mandalorian officer mocking Jaing for leaving Ung Kusp cause of honor.[src]

This individual was a male Mandalorian commanding officer who was sent by the ruthless Mand'alor Ung Kusp, to kill Jaing and bring back the artifact stolen by the scientist. After Jaing had been dazed and injured greatly by a thermal detonator, he would mock Jaing and comment how his head would look fine on Ung's wall. However he was caught off guard when Jaing would use his sharp horns cut right through the weak spot on his armor, killing him.

Durge would then use the chance kill all but one Mandalorian within the room. Like everyone else, he too was tricked into a plot start a war between the Mandalorians and the Sith by the scientist.


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