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This Mandalorian officer was the leader of a small contingent of Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders who had crash-landed on Lehon some time either prior to or during the Mandalorian Wars or Jedi Civil War. During the final stages of the latter conflict, he and the troops under his command, wearing stealth units, ambushed the Jedi Revan and his companions. Revan's group dispatched the Captain and his men.

Behind the scenesEdit

This Mandalorian is never named in the game; he is only called "Mandalorian Captain" when targeted. Apart from Bendak Starkiller, this man is the only other Mandalorian in the game to wear gold Neo-Crusader armor.

When killing him, the player would obtain an "Mandalorian Assault Armor", the strongest non-upgradeable armor in the game.