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"The commander repeats that surrender simply is not possible, and reiterates that the only peaceful solution to this unfortunate situation is for all Rebel—that is, New Republic, of course; he doesn't seem to understand the distinction, or else is being deliberately obtuse, but no matter—is for all Rebel forces to depart the system forthwith. Of course, this is not his exact phraseology; the literal translation—stripped of vulgarity—is roughly along the lines of You Rebels stay, everybody dies, you Rebels leave, everybody's happy, which wholly fails to capture the entirely savage brutality of his vocabulary. Really, Princess, having to process such coarse language—my vulgarity-filter capacitors are on the brink of overload!"
―C-3PO, translating the commander's terms[src]

This unidentified Mandalorian mercenary was a male commander sometime in 5.1 ABY. He and around six hundred Mandalorians were hired by the Galactic Empire to defend a certain planet in an Inner Rim system, with explicit orders to deny it to the New Republic. The Mandalorians seized several trineutronium power plants and threatened to detonate them if New Republic ships started landing, which by doing so would sterilize the entire the planet and kill three billion people.

Princess Leia Organa, accompanied by Han Solo, met with the Mandalorian commander in an asteroid to negotiate their surrender. The meeting lasted two days without any success, with the commander rejecting all advise of surrender. The stalemate was finished when General Lando Calrissian, accompanied by Mandalore Fenn Shysa, took over the negotiations while Organa and Solo left and went to help Luke Skywalker in his campaign against Lord Shadowspawn. Calrissian informed the commander that the Mandalorians won, and the New Republic would honor their terms. But he reminded the commander that with the Imperials gone in the system, the Mandalorians would not be paid for their services. Having softened commander's resolve, Calrissian then proceeded to hire the Mandalorians and deployed them against Shadowspawn.


A male Mandalorian was the leader of a group of around six hundred Mandalorian mercenaries during the Galactic Civil War. In 5 ABY, the mercenary commander and his men were working for the Galactic Empire, serving on a planet in the Inner Rim. When the New Republic moved in to capture the planet—which was rich with mineral resources and overwhelmingly supported the Republic—the Imperials hastily retreated. Before they did, however, the Imperial commanders ordered the Mandalorians to deny the New Republic the planet at all cost. The Mandalorians captured the local trineutronium power plants and threated to detonate them if New Republic ships attempted to land, essentially taking hostage the planet's three billion population. The New Republic organized a meeting on neutral ground, with the New Republic dispatching Princess Leia Organa Solo as their representative.