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"I'm sorry, Duchess. But what you're saying, it's impossible!"
―The police captain, to Duchess Satine Kryze[src]

A male Mandalorian police captain served in the Mandalorian police during a poisoning attack by the Moogan smugglers on Mandalore. The police captain was stationed at the New Mandalorians' capital city of Sundari. Around 21 BBY, he aided Satine Kryze and Padmé Amidala and several Mandalorian Royal Guards in their investigation of slabin found in a tea.

When they discovered the source of the problem in a warehouse, two corrupt officers barred them from entry and attempted to strike Satine, but the captain knocked both of them out. Upon entering the warehouse, they found Moogans and Gotals preparing more tainted tea and began to fire. The captain was shot in the shoulder and was dragged out of the way by Mandalorian Royal Guards.

After the criminals' defeat, Satine ordered the warehouse burned to the ground. The captain tried objecting, stating that the warehouse contained vital evidence, but the Duchess demanded that he comply or she'll consider him a part of this conspiracy. Reluctantly, the captain complied with orders.

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The police captain is voiced by actor Tom Kane.[1]

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