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By the year 20 BBY, a certain Mandalorian police officer held a position of rank among his fellows. When the Shadow Collective, a large force of combined criminal gangs, attacked Mandalore this officer fought on the front lines.


This police captain was present when the Shadow Collective members first attacked Mandalore, coming to the planet in large crates. When a droid picked up life forms, this officer ordered it to stand back. Before he could approach one of the crates, however, they burst open and members of the Black Sun and Pyke Syndicate leapt out. A Black Sun infantryman assaulted the captain, knocking him to the ground.

The officer (right) is attacked by a member of the Black Sun

This officer later attempted to defend the bank of Mandalore against the Shadow Collective. The majority of his men were quickly killed by Savage Opress, however, and he was later seen being locked into a crate along with civilians and one other officer at the Sundari shipping docks. The Death Watch then arrived, defeating the criminals and freeing the people. When this officer thanked the ranking Death Watch member, he replied, "No; thank Pre Vizsla."


The Mandalorian captain looked much like standard officers, wearing grey clothing underneath light body armor. He had a yellow insignia on his left shoulder and his helmet bore two small crests on top. His visor, unlike most officers', did not consist of two sections for the eyes. Rather, it was one large slit that covered both.