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"There's no record of a prisoner transfer here."
―The Mandalorian, moments before being rendered unconscious.[src]

This Mandalorian super commando was a member of Darth Maul's Shadow Collective. He was stationed in the prison section of Sundari.


After building up an army of criminals including the Black Sun, Pyke Syndicate, and Hutt Cartel, Darth Maul and his army of criminals attacked Sundari so the Death Watch could come in and stop them so they could take control of the planet. After betraying Maul and the locking him away in Sundari prison, Maul escaped and returned to Sundari Royal Palace with his brother Savage Opress and former Mandalorian Prime Minister Almec. Maul slayed the leader of the Death Watch at that time, Pre Vizsla, and took control of the band of warriors. This Mandalorian super commando was one of the many who aligned with Maul after Vizsla's death.

Later, he changed his armor to give it a red design to honor the new leader of the Death Watch. After Obi-Wan Kenobi gained the armor of another super commando, he rescued Duchess Satine Kryze from her cell. They met with this commando in a lift. Kenobi pretended that Satine was taken to another cell. However, when this commando asked the authorization code from Kenobi, the Jedi Master had to kick out the commando, making him unconscious, thus they could escape.