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"We have the biggest collection of droids parts between here and the desert rim. In fact, I just sold a bunch of this junk to the Empire."
―The warehouse owner[src]

A Human female Mandalorian owned a warehouse in the city of Keldabe, capital of the planet Mandalore. From the warehouse, the woman operated a store selling used droid parts and specialty equipment. She employed a protocol droid to staff the lobby desk of her business, though she was willing to personally show a prospective customer around the warehouse's stock. Around 18 BBY, the Sullustan Den Dhur and his droid companion I-5YQ came into the Mandalorian woman's store seeking parts to upgrade the 5YQ-series protocol droid. She showed the two around the interior of the warehouse and negotiated a deal with Dhur to provide an additional sales manifest for items recently sold to the Galactic Empire.[1]

The Mandalorian woman was tall and dark skinned, with vivid red-colored hair and sharp teeth. While working around her warehouse business, she dressed in a full body suit of what Den Dhur believed to be black synthskin.[1]

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The unidentified owner of a Keldabe warehouse first appeared in Star Wars canon in the novel The Last Jedi, co-written by authors Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, and published February 26, 2013.


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