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"Look out!"
―Prince Lee-char warning this female of inbound Aqua droids.[src]

A Mon Calamari lived on the ocean-covered planet of Dac around the year 21 BBY and participated in the Battle of Mon Cala.


During the Battle of Mon Cala, the Galactic Republic forces and Mon Calamari along with Prince Lee-Char were overpowered by the Separatists and were forced to retreat in the cavern of the Mon Calamari capital city while all the inhabitants of the city, including this female, were taken prisoners and moved to a prison camp.

The prisoner was later seen fighting the Separatist Aqua droids along with prince Lee-Char and other Mon Calamari after the Quarren rebelled.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

This Mon Calamari was a very competent warrior in combat. She was seen cutting an incoming Aqua droid in half with her spear blaster with relative ease.