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Morseerian child (Strange Allies)

The Morseerian child

A Morseerian child with tan skin was part of a group of children orphaned during the Clone Wars. The Morseerian and the others were kidnapped on the planet Abregado-rae by the Twi'lek woman Kuvuta Pindi[1] in 21 BBY[2] as part of a trafficking ring led by the Neimoidian Dool Pundar. Pindi posed as a member of the Republic Children's Aid organization and claimed to be bringing the Morseerian and other children to a placement center on the planet Foless. She first transported them to the world of Fondor; claiming that their transport never arrived, she conned the Chiss Jedi Nuru Kungurama[1] and the HumanMoggonite swoop biker Gizz[3] into taking them. On Foless, two members of the Foless Spaceport Authority identified the Twi'lek as matching the description of a person who had kidnapped children from Abregado-rae. As the Jedi and swoop jockey became suspicious of the Twi'lek woman's motives, the woman instructed the Morseerian and other children to board an airbus, on which she fled—she intended to use the Morseerian and his companions as hostages if need be. The airbus crashed, and the woman escaped, only to die a short time later. The children were rescued and placed with families.[1]

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