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"We must not show weakness!"
―The Nikto senator[src]

A Nikto senator was present on Coruscant during the Clone Wars.


Around 21 BBY, the senator was debating on whether or not to deregulate the banks and open loans to purchase additional clone troopers for the war which could possibly leave the Republic in deeper debt that it already was. After a recent attack on the Coruscant power generator, Confederacy Head of State, Count Dooku contacted the Senate and angrily informed them of a Republic attack that took the lives of many. As a result, he pulled back the peace proposal which Padmé Amidala had recently erected with the help of her Separatist friend, Mina Bonteri, who according to Dooku, had been among the victims of the Republic attack. After Dooku ended contact, the Nikto senator shouted that the Republic must remain strong and not show any weakness which was backed up by several other senators.

Behind the scenes Edit

This senator wore the same armor and clothing as the Nikto guards employed by the Hutt families. This would make not be so surprising, because obviously, this senator is a Nikto as well.



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