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This article is about the Nimbanel who worked at Chalmun's Cantina during the Clone Wars. You may be looking for Husklf, the Nimbanel who tended Chalmun's private bar.

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"Uh, compliments of the lizard in the back."
―The bartender offers a drink to Asajj Ventress from Bossk[src]

A male[2] Nimbanel worked as a bartender at Chalmun's Cantina in Mos Eisley, a spaceport located on the planet Tatooine. During the Clone Wars, the bounty hunter Greedo was hired to kidnap Che Amanwe Papanoida by the Trade Federation to pressure her father, Baron Papanoida of Pantora, into aligning his world with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, hiding her in Chalmun's Cantina. However, Papanoida, along with his son Ion, captured Greedo and forced him to bring them to where he was holding Che Amanwe. As they entered the cantina, the Nimbanel anticipated a fight between the Papanoidas and Che Amanwe's kidnappers and sought cover behind the bar during the ensuing gunfight.[1] Later in the conflict, the cantina was visited by former Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress, who killed the bounty hunter Oked when he tried flirting with her. He then gave Ventress a drink purchased for her by the bounty hunter Bossk, after which the Nimbanel removed Oked's corpse from the establishment.[2] He had pink skin, black eyes, and brown hair on his cheeks.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"And also, we rationalize that the same owner probably didn't have it. So we created a bartender for our cantina. And I think that this guy was so traumatized by the shootout with Baron Papanoida that he put the cantina up for sale."
―Dave Filoni[src]

This Nimbanel first appeared in "Sphere of Influence," the fourth episode of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' third season,[1] which originally aired on October 1, 2010.[3] He was created when it was rationalized that the cantina didn't have the same owner during the Clone Wars, and Supervising Director Dave Filoni speculated that he was so traumatized by the episode's cantina shootout that he put it up for sale, allowing it to fall into the possession of its owner at the time of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.[4] Despite this, he later reappeared in "Bounty," the twentieth episode of The Clone Wars' fourth season,[2] which originally aired on March 2, 2012,[5] where he was voiced by Matthew Senreich and credited simply as "Bartender."[2]



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