This variant of the Nune-class Imperial shuttle was a transport used by the Galactic Federation Triumvirate as of 138 ABY.[2]


This shuttle was a faster and more agile version of the Nune-class.[3] It greatly resembled the mainline model, albeit with smaller rear wings which were positioned at an angle, and a large fin on top of the a smaller main fuselage. Unlike the Nune, however, this model did not appear to feature the folding wing feature of previous Imperial shuttles, such as the Lambda-class and Theta-class.


In 138 ABY, Empress Marasiah Fel sent Imperial Knight Yalta Val to Carreras Major to aid in the construction of a new communications array that would bridge the Outer Rim Territories to Coruscant. His shuttle came under attack in the Surd Nebula and crash-landed on an uncharted world. Val came under further attack by two Sith, which resulted in the loss of the shuttle, its crew and his contingent of Stormtroopers, and his lightsaber.


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