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"There they are! Fire!"
―The OOM command droid[src]

This OOM command battle droid was an enforcer active onboard the Malevolence during the Battle of the Kaliida Nebula. He served under General Grievous, commander of the massive warship. In the ensuing battle, Senator Padmé Amidala became a stowaway onboard in an attempt to escape becoming Grievous' hostage. He was first seen leading a squadron of B1 battle droids alongside the general, who was searching for the senator and her protocol droid, C-3PO. While the team patrolled through the halls, Grievous received word that the warship's hyperdrive would not be significantly difficult to repair, and he went to report to Count Dooku. Before leaving, he ordered the commander and his squad to continue searching and bring him the stowaways. As a battle ensued on the ship between the senator, battle droids, and the Jedi sent to rescue her, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, the droid located the senator and ordered a B2-HA series super battle droid to fire at her rail jet. Skywalker managed to save her, however, and the two made their way up to the bridge of the warship. There, the commander asked the status of the hyperdrive's repair, as Grievous himself had demanded. Upon learning the procedure was nearly complete, the commander went to inform the general, but was destroyed along with his present colleagues by Skywalker and Amidala.


"Find the stowaway and bring him to me!"
"Roger roger.
―The commander and General Grievous[src]

The commander being given orders by General Grievous

This commander droid was an officer aboard the massive Confederacy of Independent Systems warship, the Malevolence. He led squads of battle droids under the direct command of General Grievous, who was using the vessel as his flagship. After it had sustained extensive damage, superior Count Dooku informed Grievous of a valuable galactic senator given coordinates that led to the ship's location. Grievous was to take the senator hostage in order to force the Republic forces to halt their assault on the fleeing ship. When the senator's ship came out of hyperspace, it was caught in the Malevolence's tractor beam. Despite being caught inside the warship, Senator Amidala and her droid, C-3PO, evaded capture by destroying her vessel and stowing away in Grievous' vessel. The general sounded the alarm and began a search for the stowaways. He and his OOM command droid subordinate patrolled the halls with a squad of troops, but were unable to spot the two before they hid themselves.

Grievous then received a message from the droids repairing the hyperdrive on the bridge: it would not be long before they would be able to jump to hyperspace. Grievous went to relay this information to Count Dooku, and ordered the commander and his guards to continue searching the hallways and bring him the stowaways. Acknowledging this, the commander and his troops marched off as the general left. The commander eventually split from his team and joined a B2 super battle droid and his officer on the upper levels. The B1 droids soon located Amidala and her droid at the rail jet system, though they managed to escape. While Skywalker went to aid the senator, the OOM commander spotted them below and ordered his B2 commander associate to fire a rocket at the tracks. This created a hole in the tracks, and would've made the senator die in the crash had Skywalker not saved her by pulling her to his rail jet with the Force.

After the battle at the rail jet system, the OOM commander made his way back up to the control bridge. He had been ordered by General Grievous to find out the status of the hyperdrive's repair. Upon learning that progress was almost complete, the commander went to relay the good news to the general, but trailed off mid-sentence upon noticing Skywalker and Amidala, who swiftly destroyed the commander and his compatriots, with the commander himself being bisected at the waist by the Jedi. As Amidala cleared away the droid bodies, Skywalker programmed the hyperdrive to crash into the nearby moon upon activation as a surprise for the Separatists. The scene was left clear of evidence as the Jedi and senator dragged the bodies of the commander and troops with them into the elevator and left. When the droids attempted to retreat, Skywalker's trap sprang and the warship was destroyed, ending its involvement in Count Dooku and General Grievous' plans.

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Strangely, this droid displays the word "Commander" across its chest in standard English, not Aurebesh. It is unknown if this is merely an oversight by the production team to remove the word from a production model, or whether this was left there intentionally.


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