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During the Clone Wars, an OOM command battle droid led at least two B1 battle droids on a desert planet resembling Tatooine. One of the B1 battle droids under his command, however, apparently due to a programming glitch, ended up blasting the head off another B1 droid at close range, causing the OOM droid to clutch its face in exasperation and presumably file another suboptimal weapon discharge report, which it had done a prior report at least one day prior.

Behind the scenesEdit

The OOM command battle droid appeared in an artwork by John VanFleet in the 2012 guidebook The Essential Guide to Warfare, titled "Another day, another suboptimal weapon discharge report." According to author Jason Fry in his endnotes, it was one of the last artworks issued for the book, as well as the best in his opinion. He also considered doing a victory report via vocoder as a caption.[1]


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