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"Good. Now order our cannons to target their rear units. We'll box them in and blast them to pieces."
―The OOM command battle droid[src]

This OOM command battle droid served as a commander in the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Battle of Ryloth. He led the Armored Assault Tanks stationed on planet Ryloth against the Galactic Republic All Terrain Tactical Enforcers, which were commanded by Jedi General Mace Windu. When the walkers were advancing through a road above a canyon, the droid tried to trap them on the road by ordering his tanks to shoot and cripple both the front and the rear AT-TEs. Although the droid's AATs managed to cripple the first walker, General Windu cleared the road by Force pushing the crippled AT-TE out of the way. The Jedi then led the Lightning Squadron against the AATs, destroying the tanks and the commander droid in process.


"Now that Jedi is leading the attack! Concentrate all your fire on those walkers!"
―The OOM command battle droid[src]

This OOM command battle droid served in the droid army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars[2] in 21 BBY.[1] When the Confederacy's member organization Techno Union invaded planet Ryloth with its droid army, this droid was deployed as a commander of a group of Armored Assault Tanks on the planet.[2]


The OOM commands his troops

During the Galactic Republic attempt to liberate the planet's capital city of Lessu, the command droid led his tanks against a column of All Terrain Tactical Enforcers of the Grand Army of the Republic. When the Republic walkers were moving forward in a winding road above a canyon, the AATs attacked them from the other side of it. The command droid entrenched into a small bunker with his B1 battle droid adjutant, where they could oversaw the assault. After his AATs managed to cripple the first AT-TE, which blocked the way from the rest of the walkers, the droid ordered his tanks to also cripple the rear units of the AT-TEs, hoping to trap the column on the road. However, Jedi Master Mace Windu, the leading general of the Republic forces, was able to Force push the crippled AT-TE out of the road, and led the clone troopers of the Lightning Squadron against the AATs with the All Terrain Recon Transports. Noticing the Jedi's counter-attack, the command droid ordered his tanks to destroy the squadron, but the walkers proved to be too fast to be shot. The droid considered to surrender with his aide, but the attack had already reached the droid's bunker, and Windu destroyed both droids with the laser weaponry of his AT-RT. The droid's tanks were defeated shortly after as well.[2]


"Should we run?"
"It would be better if we just surrender— aahh!"
―The B1's and the OOM's last words[src]

The OOM commander a moment before he is destroyed

A battle droid with a masculine personality, this OOM-series commander droid was in charge of a group of AATs. When his aide, who was equipped with an electrobinoculars, reported about the actions of the Republic forces, the command droid wanted to see the events himself before giving any orders, and borrowed the electrobinoculars twice during the battle. His tactic was to trap the Republic walkers into the road above the deep canyon by disabling both the first and the last AT-TE, preventing the rest of the walkers for advancing and leaving them to be destroyed by his tanks. However, he did not count the Force powers of Jedi Master Windu, who managed to clear the road. When Windu led the Lightning Squadron against the droid's AATs, the droid immediately identified him as a Jedi, and ordered his tanks to eliminate the attackers. When the walkers evaded the tanks fire and approached the two droids, his adjutant asked should they escape, but the command droid thought that a surrender would be a better option, though he failed to achieve it when he was gunned down with his aide. [2]

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This droid first and only appeared in the Liberty on Ryloth, the second to last episode of the first season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. Like all B1 and OOM-series battle droids in the series, he was voiced by Matthew Wood, who also provided the voice of Wat Tambor in the same episode.[2]



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