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Thousands of years before the Clone Wars, a shadow creature settled into the atmosphere of the planet Oblis and the Oblee, a sentient species native to the world, determined to build a machine to remove the creature from the planet. The machine was constructed by the Oblee scientist-philosophers inside a great hall on top of a mountain on Oblis and it was designed to harness the abilities of the Darkstaff, a Sith artifact that had been brought to Oblis by a wandering trader. To power the machine, the scientist-philosophers created three focusing crystals, into to which the entire Oblee species would channel their hopes and fears. When the machine was completed, one of the scientist-philosophers inserted the Darkstaff and one of the focusing crystals into a tray at the side of the machine, then activated the device. A blue-colored beam of energy shot out of the top of the machine and struck the shadow creature, hurling it away from Oblis. However, the Darkstaff used the power that it had absorbed from the machine to trigger a chain reaction that caused Oblis to explode seconds later.