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This Omwati male was a shaman and the leader of a gang of smugglers and other criminals operating in Naboo during the Galactic Civil War. The gang smuggled strange ceremonial pharmaceutics, including organs of local fauna and Naboo flora, to primitive cultures of the Outer Rims that believed that fangs of the tusk cat of Naboo and others had mystic properties.

C. 1.5 ABY, agents of Kwilaan Starport identified the Omwati shaman entering a fortress. They reported to the Kwilaan portmaster, who in turn hired a team to attack the base. However, the shaman escaped.

The shaman then turned to kidnapping and left with a prisoner, a girl from a rural settlement. The Royal Naboo Security Forces discovered this and they initiated a search along with the local police and the community, but they failed. Then, the RSF hired an independent team to attack the hideouts associated with the shaman.