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This royal guard along with the rest of the royal guards originally sided with King Sanjay Rash and the Confederacy of Independent Systems until the near execution of Ramsis Dendup when General Tandin and the rest of the royal militia joined forces with the rebels and fled to their secret base.

When the rebels fled to the highlands, this royal guard accompanied them and helped defend the king from an incoming battalion of droids. He guarded King Dendup when the Heavy Missile Platform droid gunships and BX-series droid commandos attacked The Nest. He and Dendup were trapped at the edge of a gap, and the guard shot several times with his laser lance at the attacking droid commando, until he was shot dead. But at the same time, Steela Gerrera shot the droid commando. Later Steela died when the edge of the rock was blown under her, and she fell into the abyss.