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"C'mon, our merchants are waiting inside. Can you hurry it up?"
―Female rebel[src]

A Human female was among the many rebels who lived on Onderon during the Clone Wars when the Onderon king affiliated with the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


The woman joined the Onderon rebels to recapture the planet. She fought in the Battle of Onderon and later played a part in Lux Bonteri's plan to get into the capital city of Iziz, convincing the Battle droid sentries that they had just been hunting and needed to sell their goods to merchants inside the city. The female rebel was later present at the palace square, where Dendup's execution was going to take place, and protested along with the other rebels.

Behind the scenesEdit

The female rebel is voiced by Dawn-Lyen Gardner who voices Steela Gerrera in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.