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"It would be nice to trust someone for change."
―Unidentified Padawan to his Master.[src]

This Jedi Padawan was a Human male living during the Great Galactic War. During the war, he and his master, Jerbhen Hulis, were tasked by the Jedi High Council to discover the truth behind a Sith turncoat who had been providing the Republic Military with strategic information regarding the military movements of the Sith Empire. That informant, Exal Kressh, managed to elude capture by the Padawan and his Jedi Master throughout the war. In 3678 BBY, the Jedi Council gave the two one final chance to confront the Sith. They continued their search aboard the Thranta-class warship Grace of Champalan Tides, where they learned that the Republic Strategic Information Service had received another communique from Kressh.

He and his Master tracked Kressh to Lenico Colony Blue, a medical treatment facility orbiting Lenico IV, and to the planet's surface after Kreesh destroyed the colony's orbiting system, trying to finish off Teneb Kel, a Sith Apprentice sent by the Dark Council to kill Kreesh, causing the colony to crash to the planet.

The Padawn and his master were on board the colony and survived its crash to the planet's surface. His master aided the survivors, while the padawn left to seek aid, and located Teneb Kel's ship. On board he found Maggot, Kel's friend and slave. With his sith master way seeking parts to repair their ship, Maggot and the Padawn talked for some time in his language, meanwhile the padawn's Master, Jerbhen Hulis, enlisted Kel to help him aid the survivors in exchange for his knowledge of what Kressh was planning. After gaining this information Kel made his way back to his ship. The Padawan was departing the ship, at the same time Kel arrived, saying goodbye to Maggot, the Padawn did not sense Kel, and was not aware of his presence, and was stabbed in the chest and killed by the Sith while his head was turned. Kel discarded his body, stating that he had promised the master to get the survivor's to safety and had said nothing of his padawan.


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