"The artist is humanoid, proportioned differently from humans and Chiss, with either a wider torso or longer arms. There's something of a distance to his emotional state, too. I would say his people are both drawn to and yet repulsed by or fearful of the physical objects they live among."
―Thrawn, upon encountering Pashvi sculpture[src]

This sculpture was created by Pashvi artistry. The sculpture was blue and white, and the design was elaborate. At some point by 27 BBY, the sculpture—and 12 others like it— had been stolen by pirates of the Vagaari species. The artwork was placed in the hold of their starship. Later, this vessel came under the control of the Chiss Commander Mitth'raw'nuruodo—also known as Thrawn. By analyzing this work of art, along its twelve mates, Thrawn surmised that the Pashvi were humanoid but proportioned differently from Humans or Chiss, and that they had a distant emotional state. This reasoning impressed the smuggler Dubrak Qennto, with whom Thrawn was traveling.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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