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"There's a fleet appropriations bill coming up in the new session – it will be in your committee, Senator Decamp – and you're going to vote for it."
―unidentified Phindian captain[src]

An unidentified Phindian captain was an officer of the New Republic Defense Fleet who served as the captain of Pride of Honor during the Battle of Coruscant and later confronted Senators "Sneakaway" and "Scramblefree" on Mon Calamari in 28 ABY.

As Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker and a crowd of officers watched, the Phindian accused the senators of causing the deaths of thousands of New Republic officers thanks to their commandeering of Fleet assets during the Battle of Coruscant. After threatening to throw the legislators out of an airlock if they ever attempted such stunts again, the drunken captain was heartily congratulated by the onlookers.


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