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This unidentified Quarren was a male pilot who worked for the financial empire Popara Anjiliac Diresto, based out of the Hutt's penthouse on the moon of Nar Shaddaa. The Quarren was working Popara at the time of the Hutt's assassination in 19 ABY, after which he was present at Dock Q2214 for a trap set by Popara's eldest son, Zonnos Anjiliac Priare, to capture Popara's youngest son Mika Anjiliac Chiera and his allies, who Popara believed responsible for Popara's death.

Mika and his allies – which included Mander Zuma, Reen Irana, Eddey Be'ray and Angela Krin – believed they were to be taken to the safety of Nal Hutta on a shuttle piloted by the Quarren. After the Quarren spotted Mika's party, the trap was sprung and Mika and his allies were attacked by Wookiees working for Zonnos, as well as Rodians from the Bomu Clan. While Quarren was preparing the shuttle for liftoff, a thermal detonator destroyed much of the landing pad, leaving it structurally unstable. The panicked Quarren unsuccessfully attempted to take off, but was unable to do so. The Wookiees, in order to lighten the weight on the pad and save themselves, pushed the shuttle over the edge, resulting in its destruction and the Quarren's death.


This unidentified Quarren worked for the financial empire Popara Anjiliac Diresto, based out of the Hutt's penthouse on the moon of Nar Shaddaa. He was working for Popara at the time of the Hutt's assassination in 19 ABY. Shortly after Popara was killed, the Quarren was present at Dock Q2214 of Popara's penthouse, along with a squad of Wookiees under the employ Popara's eldest son, Zonnos Anjiliac Priare. They were at the dock as part of a trap set by Zonnos to capture those he believed responsible for Popara's death: the Jedi Knight Mander Zuma, the Pantoran Reen Irana, the Bothan Eddey Be'ray, Corporate Sector Authority Lieutenant Commander Angela Krin, and Mika Anjiliac Chiera, Popara's youngest son.[1]

Zonnos arranged for a message to be sent to Mika claiming that Vago Gejalli Thokka, Popara's Hutt adviser, had arranged safe passage for the unidentified Quarren to fly Mika and his allies to flee for Anjiliac family estates on Nal Hutta. The Quarren waited at Dock Q2214 with a SoroSuub Corporation shuttle. The Quarren was waiting at the shuttle, leaning against one of hte shuttle's support struts and sucking on a death stick, when he spotted Mika and his party and waved to them.[1]

As the Quarren entered the shuttle to make preparations for its liftoff, the Wookiees exited the shuttle and attacked Mika's party with blaster rifles and stun net projectors. Mika's party fought back against the Wookiees, and a group of Rodians from the Bomu Clan attacked them at the same time. One of the Rodians rolled a small thermal detonator toward the landing pad with the shuttle, which Zuma unsuccessfully attempted to roll off the pad using the Force. It detonated and destroyed half of the pad, leaving the rest structurally unstable, with the shuttle containing the Quarren teetering and almost falling off.[1]

The Quarren struggled with the controls of the shuttle and attempted to activate its side thrusters and bring the shuttle up to safety, but it took lurched sharply off its cradle and began tipping into the abyss below. The Quarren tried to fire the ship's landing thrusters to stabilize and rescue the ship, but the effort was proving unsuccessful. At this point, the Wookiees began attempting to push the shuttle, along with the Quarren pilot, over the edge of the platform in order to lighten the weight on the pad and save their own lives.[1]

Panicked, the Quarren attempted to fire up the main engines, which would have incinerated the entire pad and killed everyone else on it. With a final effort, the Wookiees pushed the shuttle over the edge, and the Quarren nearly succeeded in gaining control of the craft. But instead, its thrusters failed, and it fell downward into the depths of Nal Shadda, resulting in the destruction of the shuttle and the death of the Quarren pilot.[1]

The destruction of the shuttle, and by extension the Quarren's death, were later blamed on Reen Irana, who was captured in the assault. Zonnos publicly accused Reen Irana of being responsible for Popara's assassination and announced that she would be executed. No additional charges were brought against Irana for the Quarren's death or the shuttle's destruction because they were considered trivial in comparison with the murder of Popara.[1]

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Andoorni Hui was created by Jeff Grubb and first appeared in Scourge, a novelized version of Tempest Feud, a Wizards of the Coast roleplaying sourcebook.[1]


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