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"Captain! Nossor Ri and the Quarren are with you."
―The soldier talking to captain Ackbar[src]

Around 21 BBY, this Quarren lived on the ocean-wide planet of Dac and participated in the Battle of Mon Cala, where he fought the Mon Calamari in their capital city.


During the Battle of Mon Cala, the Republic forces and the Mon Calamari lost the second attack and most residents of the capital city and the Republic aides were taken captive. Among them, Mon Calamari prince Lee-Char was also taken captive and was sentenced to public execution by Separatist commander Riff Tamson.

Before the execution began, many of the prisoners, including captain Ackbar, and the Quarren, were brought to witness the prince's death. The Quarren chieftain, Nossor Ri, who was convinced earlier by the prince to rebel against the Separatists, decided to help the Republic and the Mon Calamari and sent his soldiers to provide them with weapons. This soldier gave his spear blaster to Ackbar, and before the execution began, the Quarren rebelled against the Separatists and re-joined the Mon Calamari and the Republic.