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An R5-series astromech droid was used by Wedge Antilles during the Battle of Geonosis of the Galactic Civil War.

The droid, having been assigned to him for the mission, accompanied him while in his X-wing. After Antilles' X-wing's starboard stabilizer ended up damaged due to being caught near the destruction of Sarkli's Imperial escort carrier, R5 attempted to fix the stabilizer, but ultimately was unable to before Antilles was forced to crash-land on Geonosis. R5 later went off ahead of Antilles, bypassing several Clone Wars-era battle droids and stormtroopers. It then managed to locate a Jedi Starfighter and repowered the vehicle. R5 then hooked itself to the Jedi Starfighter as the astromech droid controller of the starfighter, allowing Antilles the chance to escape from Geonosis. It then supplied seismic charges to the Jedi Starfighter to give Antilles and the other rebels a fighting chance to defeat the remaining escort carriers and TIE squadrons, as well as reactivating a derelict hyperspace ring.

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