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An Unidentified Ranat bounty hunter and his Nimbanel colleague visited Lothal's spaceport about five years before the Battle of Yavin. While visiting the local Imperial posting agency to access Lieutenant Jenkes' personal and military files, the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk and his local guide Ezra Bridger saw that two of the computer consoles were being occupied by the Ranat and Nimbanel bounty hunters, who both carried holstered blasters.

Later, the Ranat and his Nimbanel companion attempted to apprehend Bossk, who had been targeted for elimination by Lieutenant Jenkes. Bossk attempted to reason with them but the two ignored him, forcing Bossk to fight them. During the fight, Bossk shoved the stock of his mortar gun into the Ranat's jaw, knocking him unconscious and presumably leaving him seriously wounded. Bossk and Ezra then escaped to the mining town of Monad Outpost where they confronted Lieutenant Jenkes.


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