"Captain Antilles has mentioned your need for another freighter for this upcoming mission, and has assigned us to assist you."
―C-D20 explains its purpose to the Rebel[src]

A male member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic was given a mission by the organization during its period of activity fighting against the Galactic Empire. The Rebel required a freighter, having previously used one, for the task and so an Alliance Captain named Antilles assigned the protocol droid, C-D20 and the astromech droid, R2-RD to the male to help him choose. The droids informed the Rebel that no YT-1300 light freighters were available for use and described in detail four alternative starship models as possibilities, the HT-2200 medium freighter, the Z-10 Seeker, ZH-25 Questor and finally the Helix-class light interceptor. The Rebel was displeased that no YT's were available and was unimpressed by the HT, however he found the Z-10 more pleasing and was satisfied with the ZH-25.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Rebel first appeared in 1995 in the article "A Buyer's Guide to Alternative Starships" which was published in the fifth issue of the Star Wars Adventure Journal series of supplement books for West End Games, Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. The article was written by Stephen Luminati and did not state the Rebel's species.


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