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In 1 ABY, a Human male gunrunner aided the Chubbit resistance against the Galactic Empire on the Chubbit homeworld of Aridus by smuggling weapons to the reptilians. The gunrunner was affiliated with the Alliance to Restore the Republic. When an arms deal went sour upon the arrival of Imperial stormtroopers, the Human fled with his Chubbit contacts, but he spotted someone who appeared to be the fallen Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi—actually an actor hired by Darth Vader. The gunrunner left Aridus and returned to the moon Yavin 4, Alliance headquarters at the time. There, he informed Luke Skywalker of his sighting, prompting Skywalker to travel to Aridus to meet the man he assumed to be his former Master—springing Vader's trap in the process.[1]


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