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"Our ship...! Those mechanised arms seem to be... repairing it!"
―Luke Skywalker[src]

An unidentified starship was used as a scout ship by Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa in 0 ABY to make contact with the Akuria Rebel Base. It was destroyed in the Akuria system by robotic TIE/LN starfighters and forced to crash land on Akuria II.


For the vital task of bringing the Akuria Rebel Base into the Rebel Alliance, Leia Organa was given a silver scout craft piloted by Luke Skywalker. The ship was quite roomy for it size, with a wide-open compartment behind the two-seat cockpit uncluttered by equipment.[2] The ship was maneuverable enough to dodge Star Destroyers, and also equipped with a cosmic overdrive that could give it a short burst of tremendous speed.[3] The ship was only lightly armed with a double laser turret, and its hull was not particularly thick, but it was well-designed enough to leave its passengers unharmed after multiple crashes.[4][1]


Shortly after the Battle of Yavin the Rebel Alliance became concerned that a scattered collection of Rebel movements would be vulnerable to an Imperial sneak attack. They sent out the scout craft to Akuria II, with the mission of contacting the independent Akuria Rebel Base and inviting them to join the Rebel Alliance. Leia Organa was chosen to lead this mission, with Luke Skywalker as her pilot. C-3PO was brought on the mission in case communication with droids was required, while R2-D2 contained the necessary navigation computer data to plot a course through hyperspace.[2]

Unknown to any of them was that R2-D2's extensive damage during the Battle of Yavin had not been properly repaired. A malfunction caused the droid to send the scout craft wildly off course, to the Keeper's World system, where they emerged in the middle of an Imperial fleet.[2] While the ship's maneuverability and cosmic overdrive was enough to keep it from being vaporized, it suffered extensive damage and crashed on the Keeper's World, initiating the Battle of The Keeper's World.[3] During that battle the Rebels befriended the godlike computer known as The Keeper, who repaired their ship and allowed them to continue their mission to Akuria II.[5]

The Imperial forces on Akuria II had set a trap for the Rebels, however, and once they arrived at their destination they were engaged by robotic TIE/LN starfighters as part of an elaborate ruse. While Leia Organa was able to use the ship's turret to shoot down most of the fighters, the final fighter damaged the port engine, and the scout craft crashed for the final time. It had served its purpose, however, of delivering the Rebels to their destination.[1]

Three engine scout ship

The scout craft, clearly showing three engines in The Final Fury!

Five engine scout ship

The scout craft, clearly showing five engines in The Kingdom of Ice!

Behind the scenesEdit

While the scout craft is undoubtedly the same one from the beginning of The Keeper's World storyarc in Untitled Pizzazz Star Wars Story, Part I to its eventual destruction in The Kingdom of Ice!, the appearance of the craft, and particularly the configuration and number of its engines, varied from issue to issue. In The Final Fury! it clearly has only three engines, but in The Kingdom of Ice! it appears to have three, four, or five depending on the panel.


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