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"You didn't seem that good when you took control of my home planet. When you killed my brother along with others who opposed your invasion. When you rounded up the women and children and took them away. My wife, Deela, my daughter, Tepar. Those were their names, good guy. I love them but I have no idea if they're alive or dead."
―Unnamed rebel soldier telling Janek Sunber about how the Empire invaded his homeworld.[src]

The unidentified Rebel soldier was a male Human who joined the Rebel Alliance shortly after the Battle of Yavin due to the invasion of his homeworld by the Galactic Empire.


The unidentified Rebel was married to a woman named Deela and was the father of a girl named Tepar before the Empire invaded his homeworld. Some of his people, including his brother, resisted the invasion and were killed as a result. The women and children were rounded up by Imperial forces and were taken away. With nothing left for him there, the unnamed soldier managed to escape his homeworld and join the Rebel Alliance.

Nine months after the Battle of Yavin, he was serving on a Rebel base on Keskin. When the base was discovered by the Empire, the Imperials launched a large assault on the Rebel complex. During the ensuing battle, the soldier was able to sneak behind enemy lines along with an unknown female soldier and a battle droid. From there, he launched a surprise attack on a group of stormtroopers and the man commanding the Imperial forces, Janek Sunber, by throwing a live thermal detonator in their midst. The resulting explosion killed many of the stormtroopers and sent Lt. Sunber falling down a steep hill. The soldier, along with the droid, followed Sunber down the hill and attempted to capture him. However, Sunber was able to avoid capture by attacking the unnamed soldier and pinning him to the ground, using the Rebel's own blaster to destroy the battle droid.

After being knocked unconscious by Sunber, the unnamed rebel soldier was taken prisoner onboard an Imperial Star Destroyer. Due to the fact he had killed so many Imperial soldiers during the battle, he was punished and tortured by two Imperial soldiers as a result. Sunber soon interrupted the soldier's punishment, telling his torturers that even though he killed many Imperials, they shouldn't sink to his level. He told them that since the Empire was trying to bring peace to the galaxy, they as Imperials should set an example.

Hearing this, the unnamed Rebel soldier told his captors that they didn't seem like the "good guys" from where he was sitting. He recounted the story of how the Empire had invaded his homeworld and separated him from his family. He then mentioned Luke Skywalker, and that he was the heroic pilot who destroyed the Death Star. Lt. Sunber, a childhood friend of Skywalker, was greatly angered at hearing that Luke had not only joined the Rebellion, but that he was even the Rebel who destroyed the Empire's greatest weapon. Feeling that the universe was mocking him, Sunber snapped and began brutally beating the unnamed Rebel soldier, stopping only when the other two Imperials restrained him.


The unnamed soldier was a tall, muscular man at the time of the Battle of Keskin. He was bald, and had a large tattoo of an unknown design on his head.