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"This is Echo Station Three-Eight. Unidentified object is in our scope. It's just over the ridge. We should have visual contact in about— What the—? Oh, no!"
―Station 3-8 trooper, upon sighting an Imperial probe droid[src]

A trooper served with the Rebel Alliance as a soldier stationed at Echo Station 3-8 on the ice planet Hoth in 3 ABY. When an unidentified object, which turned out to be an Imperial Viper probe droid, was spotted on Hoth moving toward Station 3-8, this trooper contacted Echo Base and informed the headquarters that the outpost had sighted the object.[2] Before the soldier could identify the intruder, the probe droid destroyed Station 3-8, killing the trooper and cutting off the transmission.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"This is Three-Eight, Echo Command! We have visual contact! It looks like— N-no…!"
―Station 3-8 trooper[src]

This unidentified Rebel trooper first appeared in the novelization of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back through a single line of dialogue. The character also appeared, albeit with slightly different quotes, in Star Wars 39: The Empire Strikes Back: Beginning and The Empire Strikes Back Storybook. While the novel and storybook have the trooper contacting Echo Base, the Marvel adaptation has Echo Base contacting Station 3-8 first.


Notes and referencesEdit

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