A male Republic soldier whose name was lost to history served the Galactic Republic as a Guardsman. Born on Little Atullus towards the end of the Tionese War sometime before 23,900 BBY and raised on Okator VIII, he joined the Republic Military after Okator was devastated by Tionese raiders. He served with the Jedi watchmen on Falang Minor after the war guarding the borders of the Tion Cluster.[1]


As a child, he and his parents were among a group of colonists who left Little Atullus to settle on Okator VIII as farmers. They established a farm in a valley near Derway Township below the Pinson ridge, domesticating the native whellays for meat and fur. His chores on the farm included herding the whellays with his shakwulf Brun, weeding saria, harvesting nectar from charsby pitchers, and searching for ripe galt-gourds.[1]

Though the Tionese War was still raging, he and most of the colonists believed that Okator was too isolated to be attacked. Nevertheless, three ships of the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion eventually attacked the planet, destroying many of the settlements and his farm. Apparently the only survivor of the raid, he survived on the devastated planet for five weeks until he was able to hail a scoutship.[1]

Against encouragement to go to Coruscant and use his story as Republic propaganda, he went to Abhean to join the Republic Military. Four months later, before he could see action, the Tionese War ended with Desevro's surrender. He chose to work with the Jedi Order as a watchman on Falang Minor, part of an arc of fortress worlds guarding the Coreward border of the Tion Cluster. He stayed there monitoring intelligence, communications and ship traffic coming out of the Tion for at least twelve years.[2][1]

He later recorded his experiences in a Baragwin sense lattice, which was later stored in the Palace of Memnii on Caamas as one of its oldest artifacts.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

As a child working as a farmer on Okator VIII, he initially missed his homeworld of Little Atullus but came to enjoy farm life. He contrasted life on Falang Minor to it poorly, finding the planet too cold and rainy and lacking any plants or animals to grown and tend.[1]

While he initially hated the Tionese for what they did to Okator, he made himself stop after it made him feel ill. Nevertheless, he would never trust the Tionese, and believed that for the sake of the Republic they needed to be monitored, even if he did not like his work on Falang Minor.[1]

He was not fond of Hutts, calling them "devil-slugs", and believed that they had eaten Xim the Despot to claim his powers.[1]


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