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"Is Fishy, fishy, fishy out there? Fishy, fishy, fishy? Ha ha! Coming to eat me, too? Ha ha ha ha! You can't get me, little fishy, not in here! I'm safe behind my walls!"
―The unidentified Republic soldier, locked inside a locker in Hrakert Station[src]

This individual was a Republic soldier that was stationed at the secret Hrakert Station, located on the ocean floor of Manaan, near the Hrakert Rift. When the Progenitor began sending out intense signals through the Force that translated to "demon screams", the Selkath stationed at the underwater base were driven insane and began attacking anything that moved.

Many non-Selkath were killed, but this soldier managed to find refuge inside a durasteel locker located within the station's enviro-suit storage area. The traumatic experience left him mentally unstable and paranoid. Revan encountered him during his search for the Rakatan Star Map located on that world, but he was unable to persuade him to leave the safety of his locker, the soldier's shock being great enough to dispel even the strongest efforts at Force Persuasion.

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The unidentified Republic soldier, murdered by Revan

This unidentified man's sole "appearance" occurs in the "Hrakert Station" level of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and is referred to as "Whimpering Locker" in the game's subtitles.

The player has the option to threaten the soldier with death. If he or she chooses to do so, the soldier will proclaim his invincibility. Shortly thereafter, the player is allowed to "Insert lightsaber into locker," killing him and causing the player to move closer to the dark side of the Force. Additionally, a model of a dead Human male, wearing the uniform of a Republic soldier is spawned at the foot of the locker. Curiously, in the game's subtitles, the soldier's death scream is said to be emitted not by "Whimpering Locker," but "Locker object" instead.


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