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Republic trooper
Biographical information

3681 BBY,[1] Korriban's orbital security station[2]

Physical description


Chronological and political information

Old Republic era[1]


Galactic Republic[2]

"Look out!"
―Nico Okarr shouts a warning before the trooper is killed by an explosion[src]

A trooper serving the Galactic Republic was aboard a space station orbiting the planet Korriban in 3681 BBY. The trooper, along with two Jedi and a corporal, helped escort freighter captain Nico Okarr, who had been captured for smuggling Sith artifacts. When the forces of the resurgent Sith Empire arrived in the system, sparking the Great Galactic War, the Republic trooper helped defend the space station against attacking Sith troopers and Sith war droids, but was killed in an explosion.


This humanoid individual was among the ranks of the Galactic Republic troopers[2] in 3681 BBY. In that year,[1] freighter captain Nico Okarr was captured by the Republic and, accused of smuggling Sith artifacts, was taken to a space station orbiting the planet Korriban, where the humanoid trooper helped Jedi Padawan Satele Shan, her Master Kao Cen Darach, and corporal Jace Malcom escort the smuggler. However, the system soon fell under attack by the forces of the resurgent Sith Empire,[2] which had been in hiding since the end of the Great Hyperspace War more than a thousand years earlier.[3] As Sith troopers boarded the space station[2] in one of the opening battles of what would become the Great Galactic War,[1] Master Darach determined that they needed to warn the Republic of the Empire's return. However, as the starships available to the group were not fast enough to outrun the Sith interceptors attacking the station, the smuggler offered to help the group escape in his freighter. While the group attempted to reach the hangar in which the freighter was docked, the trooper defended against attacking Sith troopers and war droids using a handheld blaster cannon. However, the trooper and the corporal were soon caught in an explosion, despite the smuggler's attempts to warn them. The explosion killed the trooper, and Malcom retrieved his fallen comrade's blaster cannon. Malcom and the smuggler continued to rain fire upon the Sith troops, and were able to escape the space station with Shan, while her Master held back two attacking Sith.[2]


While on duty on Korriban's space station,[2] the trooper wore the standard armor and helmet of Republic troopers,[4] adorned with red markings and the insignia of the Galactic Republic, and sported a handheld blaster cannon.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

This trooper first appeared in Return, the third cinematic trailer for BioWare's upcoming video game, The Old Republic. The trailer, which was released on June 6, 2011, does not reveal the trooper's name, gender, or species. However, the shape of the trooper's uniform reveals that it must have been humanoid.[2]


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