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Luugro: «You seem to be taking great interest in our progress. Do you need something, little man?»
Unidentified Rodian: «Quiet, Luugro! That's Calo Nord, the infamous bounty hunter!»
Calo Nord: "There's a bounty on your little green heads. I'm here to collect."
Luugro: «The only way you'll collect that bounty is over our cold, dead bodies!»
Calo Nord: "That's the plan."
Calo Nord about to kill Luugro and Unidentified Rodian[src]

This unidentified Rodian male lived on Taris in 3956 BBY.


This unidentified Rodian male was accompanying fellow Rodian Luugro in the Lower City Apartments of Taris when they encountered Calo Nord, a bounty hunter. Luugro mocked Calo, not realizing who he was. This Rodian male knew who Nord was, and told Luugro to shut up. Luugro didn't listen, and mocked Nord again. Nord then shot both Rodians dead to collect the bounties on their heads.



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