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A Force-sensitive male Rodian was a member of the Doomed on Kesh. He was among the group of Doomed members who encountered Takara Hilts and Parlan Spinner when they landed on the continent of Eshkrene.


This male Rodian was a member of the Doomed, a Force-sensitive order which consisted of the descendants of former Jedi and Dark Jedi who had become stranded on the planet of Kesh following the Hundred-Year Darkness. The Doomed resided in Eshkrene, the planet's southern polar continent away from the native Keshiri and the Human Sith Tribe which settled on Kesh's continent of Keshtah Minor during the Great Hyperspace War. He lived in the City of the Doomed, a settlement which was home to the Doomed community. The Doomed consisted of individuals from a wide range of species including Chagrians, Ithorians, Rodians, S'kytri, Twi'leks, Weequays, and Wookiees. All members of the Doomed committed themselves to finding a balance between the light and dark sides of the Force. There were at least two other Rodian members of the Doomed community.[1]


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