"Mand'alor has kept his word. A transport has arrived bearing Jedi prisoners. The war has not even begun in earnest, and yet I have my first subjects. I will continue as before, categorizing differences in Jedi versus base members of their species. These are meager pickings to begin with. A Rodian and another human."
―Demagol's Journal[src]

In 3964 BBY, a Rodian Jedi was one of the first of his Order to be captured by the Mandalorians and sent to Flashpoint Station. There, the Zeltron scientist Demagol experimented on the Rodian, along with the Jedi's Human companion, trying to discover the secret of the Jedi Order's Force abilities. The Rodian did not survive long before Demagol's investigations killed the Jedi.[1]


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