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"Look out!"
―A woman gives away the Rodian's position to Kyle Katarn[src]

A male Rodian bounty hunter was hired by the droid information broker 8t88 during the year 5 ABY. The Rodian was one of many bounty hunters hired by the droid on the moon Nar Shaddaa to hunt down and kill the former Rebel Alliance agent Kyle Katarn if he was able to escape death at the Rimmer's Rest cantina. Katarn did escape 8t88's hirelings in the cantina, and the Rodian attempted to lay a trap for the former agent in the underbelly of Nar Shaddaa. However, a Rebel sympathizer gave away the Rodian's whereabouts when Katarn arrived, and the bounty hunter was subsequently eliminated by Katarn.


"Thank you."
―A Rebel sympathizer thanks Katarn for killing the Rodian[src]

The Rodian encountered Kyle Katarn in the underbelly of Nar Shaddaa

A male Rodian bounty hunter[5] was hired by the Model 88-series administration droid information broker 8t88[2] during the year 5 ABY[1] on the moon Nar Shaddaa, along with numerous other bounty hunters. 8t88 hired the gunmen in preparation for a meeting with the former Rebel Alliance agent Kyle Katarn, who wanted to know the identity of his father's murderer. However, in favor of the remaining forces of the Galactic Empire, 8t88 planned to double-cross Katarn, as he could impede 8t88's and the Empire's goals. Along with a Gran bounty hunter and another hired gun, 8t88 met with Katarn in the Rimmer's Rest cantina. The role of the Rodian and the other bounty hunters was to act as backup, in case Katarn was to escape 8t88's cronies in the cantina. After 8t88 enacted his scheme, leaving Katarn to die in the cantina,[2] the resourceful former agent bested and disarmed the Gran and his partner[6] and dived into the city-moon's depths after 8t88, looking to reclaim a stolen datadisc. Katarn caught up with the droid and recovered the disc while 8t88 escaped. Katarn's next goal was to rendezvous with his ship and its pilot, which meant going deeper into Nar Shaddaa's bounty hunter infested establishments.[2]

Meanwhile, the Rodian waited in the underbelly, and laid a one-reptile ambush.[7] He took his place right around a corner, two floors under a staffed control center. The Rodian was out-of-sight for those who would come through the area until they had turned the corner into the Rodian's small room. In addition, the Rodian was accompanied by a Human female. The Rodian stood over by a wall, putting the woman between him and anyone who would enter the room, giving himself a Human shield.[2] However, the woman was a Rebel sympathizer.[7] Eventually, Katarn made his way to the Rodian's location. The bounty hunter made a comment as Katarn came near, and soon enough Katarn was just next to the room. The woman saw Katarn and frantically warned the former agent of the Rodian's presence while making a run for the other side of the room.[2]

The Rodian attacked Katarn as the man jumped into the room.[2] Despite being a deadeye with his blaster pistol,[7] the Rodian's attacks failed to subdue the target. Katarn retaliated and fatally dispatched the green-skinned bounty hunter. The woman thanked Katarn for killing the Rodian, which had put her in harms way, and the former agent continued on his way. Right down the hall from the Rodian's enclave were two Gran bounty hunters, who attempted to do what their Rodian ally had failed to accomplish. However, they, like the rest of 8t88's hirelings, only met a swift end at the hands of Katarn as he escaped the Smugglers' Moon.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

The Rodian was a cold-blooded bounty hunter who was willing to put the lives of others at risk just to ensure that he would get his quarry. However, he did little to restrain those who could put a potential ambush at risk. His mistake to keep the woman from giving his position away was ultimately fatal. Despite this, the Rodian was very skilled with his blaster pistol, and could easily score direct hits on his targets. However, Katarn proved to be the better combatant during their brief standoff.[2]

The Rodian had green colored skin with brown spots and black eyes. He was shorter than Katarn,[2] who stood at 1.8 meters.[3]


The Rodian bounty hunter was armed with a blaster pistol during his time on Nar Shaddaa. The blaster was little more than a black box with a barrel attached to it, but it was incredibly accurate. Its accuracy was put to good use by the Rodian, who was a good shot. During his encounter with Katarn, the Rodian wore a white jumpsuit and a brown vest.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Rodian first appeared, unnamed, in the video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, which was released in October 1997, as an enemy character during the game's second level. The Rodian was further detailed, although only briefly, in the game's official strategy guide. Although players could also kill the woman who was next to the Rodian, the guide suggests that they spare the women, lest they fall to the Dark side of the Force.[7] As such, this article assumes that Katarn only killed the bounty hunters, and spared all civilians.

When players near the Rodian's stakeout, the Rodian can be heard muttering something. However, it is not translated. The voices for all Rodians were provided by Roger Jackson.[2]



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