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"I am afraid that hyoor original client and his ashoshiates shucumbed to the dangers of our Ekloska forests. Happily, we of the Chekkoo clan will be mosht pleashed to accept hyoor cargo of weapons in their shtead."
Rodian clansman to Shella Rinou[src]

A male Rodian was a member of the Chekkoo clan. He was lanky, wore only a loincloth, and spoke Basic with a moderate lisp.

When Shella Rinou and Kelric arrived within the Chekkoo Province on Rodia, this Rodian greeted them—with the business end of a blaster rifle. He claimed that Shella's client had "shucumbed to the dangers of our Ekloska forests." When Shella and Kelric refused to hand over their weapons shipment, the Rodian signaled for his clansmen to fire upon their ship. The smugglers, however, escaped in time.

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