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A Grand Admiral and the Royal Guard are hit by Trioculus's faux lightning.

This member of the Imperial Royal Guard was present at Kessendra Stadium on Kessel when the Central Committee of Grand Moffs proclaimed the mutant slavelord Trioculus to be the son of Emperor Palpatine, and therefore the next ruler of the Galactic Empire. This Royal Guard, along with a Grand Admiral, questioned Trioculus's claim, citing that there were plenty of claimants to the Imperial Throne, including Grand Admiral Josef Grunger. The mutant claimant in turn responded by shooting artificial Force lightning at them. After both begged for their lives, Trioculus spared them from death.

Personality and traitsEdit

The member of the Royal Guard was skeptical of various claims to the Imperial Throne, as evidenced by his questioning Trioculus' claim of being the rightful heir to the Empire. However, when tortured, he immediately recanted.

He wore a robe reminiscent of the Emperor's Royal Guard, although his helmet was different: it encompassed most of the head, leaving only the face exposed, and a visor jutted out of the helmet, instead of the Sun Guard-like helmets that were standard among the Emperor's Royal Guard.

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