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"We're under attack!"
―The sentry, witnessing the Republic's assault[src]

An unidentified female Sephi served as a sentry guarding King Alaric's palace at the time of the Clone Wars. Along with a male pilot, she ther crew of the Sephi speeder known as Sentry Seven. In 21 BBY, seventeen months after the First Battle of Geonosis, the female sentry and her counterpart were ordered to do a fly-by on the position of Commander Dekluun, with whom the palace had lost contact. Once her speeder reached the suburbs of the palatial complex, the female sentry realized that the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic had decimated Dekluun's troops and were heading to the palace, thus starting the Battle of Thustra.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The unidentified Sephi sentry only appeared in the 2004 comic Jedi: Yoda, the fifth and final issue in the Star Wars: Jedi series of comics, written by Jeremy Barlow and illustrated by HOON. While the sentry went unnamed in the comics, she had several lines[1] and HOON produced a detailed rendering of her as part of his conceptual "Sephi character catalogue."[2]


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