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Guard: "Santor said we were to make the off-world guests welcome and comfortable."
Dani: "Oooh…that's nice. Really nice. And I know just how we could begin…"
Guard: "But…but I…that is, they may need me elsewhere…I…"
Dani: "Come back here, handsome, what if we get lost?"
―The Shawkenese guard and Dani[src]

This Shawkenese Guard was a native of the planet Shawken. He was assigned to guard the entrance to an excavation site on the planet, but he neglected his post after being confronted by the Zeltron Dani. As a result, he was outside the ruins when the Iskalonian Kiro and the Rodian Chihdo inadvertently activated the Shawken Device. He was able to tell the unofficial leader of the planet, Santor, what had occurred, and the guard returned with a small party to deactivate the device. The group entered the catacombs, and the guard eventually witnessed the destruction of the device when Kiro and the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker were able to shut it off.


A short time after the Battle of Endor, his planet was host to diplomats from the Rebel Alliance. Shawken's unofficial leader, Santor told his people to make the off-worlders comfortable during their visit, and the populace tried to oblige Santor's request. The guard's assignment was to protect the entrance to a set of ruins on the planet. The ruins had been recently excavated by the Galactic Empire, but the Empire had abandoned the planet following the Battle of Endor, leaving the area abandoned and ripe for plunder. Due to this, the guard was on watch for anyone who might try to remove any artifacts from the excavation site.

When the Rebel diplomats arrived on the planet, they were joined by Rik Duel and his associates, Chihdo and Dani. The trio were small-time thieves, and they hoped to plunder some of Shawken's valuables while on the planet. Santor, unaware of the group's criminal past, told the group that they were welcome to explore the catacombs, and Rik, Dani, and Chihdo made their way to the site. The three were greeted by the guard, who offered them several lanterns in order to explore the dark corridors of the excavation site. However, the Zeltron Dani began to aggressively flirt with the guard, and finding himself quite uncomfortable due to her advances, he left the site, leaving the trio free to do as they pleased.

However, a short time later, another guest arrived at the excavation site. The Iskalonian Kiro, who was intent on stopping Rik and his gang from robbing the catacombs, quickly descended into the site as well. The guard was witness to this and decided to follow Kiro into the ruins. Before he could catch up with them, he heard blaster fire echoing from the ruins, and then great metal doors slammed shut in front of him, trapping the four that had descended into the ruins before him. The entire cavern began to pulse with energy, and the guard decided to rush back to the city to tell Santor what had occurred. The guard arrived at Santor's house, where the planetary leader was engaged in a diplomatic discussion with the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker. The guard told Santor what had happened, and he decided to go to the catacombs himself to see what had happened.

A small group, including the guard, Santor, Luke Skywalker and his friend, Plif, and another planetary leader, Margan, made their way to the ruins. However, they were greeted by blasterfire. An ancient weapon had been activated, and the device's defense system tried to prevent the group from entering. Skywalker was able to destroy the defense system, and the group descended into the excavation site. They were able to rescue the four that had been trapped in the ruins, as Plif removed the energy that had sealed the doors shut. Skywalker and Kiro then left the group and descended even further towards the planet core to destroy the device. The two were successful, and they eventually joined the group back on the surface.

Behind the scenesEdit

"The three…aliens…they descended alone…and a third followed."
―Shawkenese Guard[src]

This Shawkenese guard appears unnamed in the Marvel Star Wars' comic, Star Wars 87: Still Active After All These Years. When the guard arrives at Santor's house to warn him about the activation of the Shawken Device, he apparently has a temporary lapse in judgment. He claims to Santor that three people descended into the ruins, but that a "third" followed instead of a "fourth". Since the guard turns down the advances of a Zeltron female earlier in the comic, it's unknown whether the author, Jo Duffy, was trying to communicate the man's idiocy, or if this was just a dialogue error.