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"We want none but the best speaking for us…besides, the entire council could benefit from your wisdom."
―Shawkenese woman to Santor[src]

This Shawkenese woman was native to the planet of Shawken and was an aide to the planet's unofficial leader, Santor. Following the Battle of Endor, she joined Santor and his other aide, Margan, during a meeting with diplomats from the Rebel Alliance. The Rebel representative, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, was looking for an individual to attend the First Conference of Free Peoples on the forest moon of Endor. The conference would include individuals from several planets to help determine the nature of the new galactic government. During the meeting, the woman served drinks to Skywalker, Santor, and Skywalker's friend, Kiro. When Skywalker asked who could be sent to the planetary council, both the woman and Margan spoke up in Santor's favor, pointing him out as the obvious choice to attend the conference. As a result, Santor accompanied Skywalker back to Endor to attend the meeting.