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This Sith trooper was stationed on Taris and patrolled an apartment complex there, at the time of the Sith occupation of the planet, before it was destroyed. Most notably, he was ordered to interrogate a member of the Hidden Beks to uncover the location of some stolen uniforms that he had taken. Unfortunately for him, his interrogation was interrupted by an amnesiac Revan. In order to save the Aqualish Hidden Bek, Revan killed the Sith Trooper, and stole his armor afterwards, which Revan used to gain access to the Lower City.

Personality and traitsEdit

This Sith Trooper shared the exact same traits of that as any other Sith Trooper, as he was in full armor, and shared the same voice. However, the Sith trooper ordered to guard the door of the apartment of the interrogation said that he felt glad that he was "out here", suggesting that this Sith trooper had proved ruthless previously in these situations.

Behind the scenesEdit

This Sith trooper exclusively appears as a non-playable character in the 2003 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The player finds that he must kill this trooper, to steal his uniform, if he is to proceed to the Lower City to continue the game. Alternatively, if the player enters the Upper City Cantina before entering this apartment complex, and talks to the Sith officer Sarna, getting invited to a party with other officers, the player will not even meet this Sith trooper, as this party takes place in the same apartment, and the uniform required to continue the game can be acquired by going through the intoxicated Sith's backpack.

However, if the player does meet this Sith trooper, a number of choices face the player. Firstly, there is the Canon choice, in which the player doesn't allow the Sith to kill a defenseless prisoner, this gives the player light side points, but results in the player fighting and killing this Sith trooper and the other two present troopers. Another option is that the player attacks the Sith out of spite and anger, in which case the player's alignment is not altered. Also, if the player initially wishes not to get involved after walking past the apartment, the Sith trooper will kill the Hidden Bek, and call the other two troopers to assist him in searching the room for the stolen uniforms, after this, the player will have to approach the troopers again and aggrovate them enough to fight in order to obtain the required Sith armor, this option also doesn't alter the player's alignment.