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Anathemos's Assassin 1 was a male Human Sith assassin of the Sith Empire.


During the Cold War, the Sith Inquisitor delivered a holocron to Lord Anathemos in exchange for the assassins. Under the Inquisitor's command, the assassins were ordered to kill a fellow padawan named Ashara Zavros. However, the plan was that the Inquisitor only wanted Ashara to live, and the assassins would die. The trio were angry to learn that the Inquisitor deceived them when they confronted the Togruta. The Inquisitor turned against them, and killed about two assassins, leaving the remaining assassin. The injured assassin relented and begged Ashara to spare him. The Inquisitor sensed that the dark side faded away from him, and taunted Ashara in order to strike him down with no mercy. The assassin begged her to not listen to the Inquisitor, but Ashara apologized and killed him.