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"This is my first day on Dxun. My predecessor displeased our masters, and was dealt with. The fool let Cannoks through the perimeter. The Sith don't tolerate any failure. I'm the fifth captain to command this base camp. The camp sits in the shadow of a tomb. My subordinates say that the body of an ancient warlord called Freedon Nadd lies inside. We don't know why we're here. We sit and ensure that no beasts make it into our camp, and, especially that they don't reach the tomb itself. A bleak assignment. Signing off."
―Sith captain[src]

A Sith captain was an officer in the Sith Empire during the Sith Civil War. The captain was posted on Dxun, and was the fifth officer to hold the post after his predecessors were killed either by the beasts of Dxun or their Sith superiors.



"This jungle feels similar to Korriban, before it fell after the war. Everyone is on edge. Executions and infractions are common place here, fifty percent more than my previous command."
―Sith captain[src]

A Sith captain was originally stationed on Korriban, and was eventually placed in command of the planet. He survived the Sith Civil War and the Republic bombardment of the planet that followed. After the Sith Empire split into various factions, the captain sided with the Sith Triumvirate.[1]

After the former commander of Dxun was executed by a Sith for failure, the Sith captain replaced him, though he took no joy in the posting. He was constantly plagued by the beasts of Dxun, and the high mortality rates among his own men.[1]

Eventually the captain became concerned about the large military presence building up around the Dxun moons, and pressed his Sith master for reinforcements. The Sith, however, simply replied that soon it wouldn't concern him. When asked for specifics, the Sith merely told him that it was a "surprise".[1]



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