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"Death to all spawn of Skywalker!"
―The unidentified Sith trooper[src]

This Sith trooper was a member of the army secretly assembled in 138 ABY by Darth Krayt, Dark Lord of the One Sith. A sentient being attuned to the Force, the trooper had undergone a cybernetics grafting process from infancy in order to be physically augmented and improved for combat, and forged into an unquestionably loyal servant.

Unidentified Sith trooper

The trooper attacks Cade Skywalker.

He, along with other troopers, joined the attack on the Hidden Temple on Taivas in 138 ABY. As Krayt's enemies were occupied holding back the Imperial Army, the Dread Lord unleashed his secret army of Sith troopers. They were able to turn the battle towards Krayt's favor, destroying much of the Empire's ground assault forces in the process. After the death of Nat Skywalker, his nephew, Cade, succumbed to his anger and unleashed a ferocious wave of attacks against the Sith troopers. Cade was about to kill this trooper, but his mother, Morrigan Corde, convinced him to keep him alive to further study Krayt's newest weapon.

The trooper was taken to Bastion, where he was examined by an Imperial doctor. The study revealed that he was fully integrated into his armor and could hardwire himself into his Annihilator fighter using portals at the termination of his cybernetic grafts. The trooper succumbed to his wounds three days after his capture.


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