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"Team? I work alone. I don't need anyone's help to take down a human. And I can prove it."
―Unidentified Sorrusian mercenary[src]

This individual was a male Sorrusian mercenary pilot during the Galactic Civil War. He was among the many pilots who answered the summons of X-7, an Imperial assassin, for a high paying job. The group met on the moon of Iope, in the Rinn system, where their flying skills were tested by X-7. The Sorrusian was among the few survivors of the test and was granted safe passage to the hidden hangar on the moon. There, the surviving mercenaries met X-7 and received their mission to kill the Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker. When X-7 informed them that they would have to work as a group, the Sorrusian objected and reached for his blaster. But before he could draw his weapon, X-7 killed him with a shot to the head.[1]


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