"Good heroes they. Drive hard bargain"
―King Ebereebaveebeedee, after declaring the pact[src]

King Ebareebaveebeedee of the Squib species declared a pact of mutual support with the Alliance to Restore the Republic after a group of Rebel operatives helped the Squibs recover a gravity well projector from the Paradise system, home to the Squibs' main rivals, the Ugors. He communicated the pact via a sealed datapack, which the Rebels were instructed not to unlock until returned to their superior officers in the Alliance. Upon completion of their mission, the Rebels did so, and a huge holographic image of Ebareebaveebeedee appeared above them to swear the pact. The Squib diplomat Spilferithimus-narlamos attested to the deal, and the Squibs awaited the signature of Rebel leader Mon Mothma to finish the alliance. The king requested that the Rebel operatives who had aided the Squibs be named ambassadors to his species, a position that afforded them special rights and discount privileges from the Squibs.